Welcome to Horse Blanket Services LLC

Welcome to Horse Blanket Services LLC


Horse Blanket Services  offers  affordable cleaning and functional repair of horse turnouts, sheets, coolers,and fly sheets. We also clean cotton and synthetic saddle pads and various other equine and pet equipment.( bell boots,splint boots,wraps)

We offer water repellent treatment which is seasonal ( we use Dry Guy).

We are small but we know horses and horse blankets and are committed to making our customers happy.

About Us


We've got your horses back!

Affordable,functional cleaning and repairs to your equine laundry and equipment.

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Call or text me at 1(541)844-8021

I'm a full time firefighter and paramedic and on my days off I'm committed to your horse blanket needs. I'm very flexible. Just message me,text me,or call.

Horse Blanket Services LLC

87784 La Porte Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97402, United States

(541) 844-8021 hbs87784@horseblanket-service.com Facebook @horse blanket services


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09:00 am – 05:00 pm